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Honeycomb Waveguide Air Vents

Key Features

Proven honeycomb technology

Raymond EMC honeycomb waveguide air vents consist of a matching pair of welded brass frames sandwiching a 1” thick steel honeycomb matrix. The honeycomb matrix is made from specially formed steel strips fused together with a thin layer of solder to form a continuous electrical and mechanical bond throughout the matrix.

Compression Seal

Raymond EMC honeycomb waveguide air vents install directly to a ¾” R.F. Shielded Panel using a clamping action between the two matching brass frames. Special tri-lobular rolling/thread-forming TORX fasteners set on four inch centres or less of the framing system ensure an RF-tight seal while providing even compression down the entire length of each length of brass framing. No soldering or brazing is required to bond the brass frame to the R.F. Shielded Panel.

Field Locatable

The installation process of our honeycomb waveguide vents allows them to be easily installed in the field. This allows our Installation Specialists to install the vents based on actual site measurements taken once the shield has been fully erected ensuring perfect alignment with existing parent building ductwork. Unlike honeycomb vents that require soldering or brazing to create the bond between the vent and the shield, our vents can be field installed on vertical walls.

Standard and custom sizes

Raymond EMC can custom manufacture honeycomb waveguide air vents to virtually any size. The honeycomb material can also be applied to large waveguide pipe penetrations to ensure proper R.F. Shielding Effectiveness when a waveguide becomes to wide to provide the required attenuation.

Available in 3/16" cell and 1/8" cell

Raymond EMC offers all of standard and custom honeycomb waveguide air vents with either 3/16” cell honeycomb or 1/8” cell honeycomb.

Integrates easily with parent building ductwork

Our special brass extrusion frame comes complete with a 90° flange specially designed to accept incoming ductwork. Duct work must connect to an R.F. Shielded Enclosure using a dielectric canvas connector to create a non-conducting break between the duct and the shield to maintain the single point grounding imperative to the performance of an R.F. Shielded Enclosure. Raymond EMC can supply any honeycomb air vent complete with a pre-formed canvas connector.

R.F. Shielding Effectiveness

3/16" Cell
Magnetic Fields: 20dB at 1kHz rising to 55dB at 10kHz and 95dB at 200kHz
Electric Fields: 100dB from 200kHz to 50MHz
Plane Waves: 110dB from 50MHz to 1GHz
Microwaves: 100dB at 10GHz
(Shielding Effectiveness Testing Standard: ITSG-02, IEEE Std 299-1997, NSA-65-6)

1/8" Cell
Same performance as the 3/16” cell vents with 100dB performance up to 40GHz

Minimal air flow resistance and pressure drop

Cell geometry allows the maximum amount of open space while uniformity and depth of the honeycomb tubes reduces air turbulence.

Graph: Typical Pressure Drop 3/16 Cell