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High Traffic Hinged R.F. Shielded Door

The Raymond EMC QuietDoor-HTh

The extremely low maintenance requirements of the QuietDoor-HTh make it the perfect hinged radio frequency shielded door solution for high-traffic EMI/RFI systems. The compression-type seal offers exceptional shielding effectiveness while eliminating the constant wear and oxidation seen with conventional RCM shielded doors.

Key Features

Compression Type R.F. Seal

The exceptional R.F. Shielding Effectiveness of the QuietDoor-HTh is achieved through a compression action between two specially treated surfaces spanning the perimeter of both the door leaf and door frame. Compression is created using a dual bladder system housed in the door leaf that, once the QuietDoor-HTh is fully latched, applies even pressure against a seamless door skin creating a perfect seal with the door frame. The QuietDoor-HTh does not use traditional fingerstock or gasket.

Redundant Bladder System

A common problem seen with other bladder door systems on the market is the rupturing of the bladder due to high pressure requirements and weak bladders. The QuietDoor-HTh employs a redundant bladder system that allows the door to operate at low pressure while still providing high R.F. Shielding Effectiveness. As another level of protection against bladder rupture, the QuietDoor-HTh bladders are specially reinforced to withstand up to 300 psi of air pressure.

High R.F. Shielding Effectiveness

QuietDoor Shielding Effectiveness Levels
Magnetic Fields: 20dB at 1kHz rising to 65dB at 10kHz and 105dB at 200kHz
Electric Fields: 120dB from 200kHz to 50MHz
Plane Waves: 120dB from 50MHz to 1GHz
Microwaves: 120dB at 10GHz
(Shielding Effectiveness Testing Standard: ITSG-02, IEEE Std 299-1997, NSA-65-6)

High traffic applications (>200,000 cycles/year)

The minimal wear of the compression type R.F. seal makes the QuietDoor-HTh the perfect hinged R.F. Shielded Door for high traffic Shielding systems.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Asides from ensuring the system is receiving the appropriate amount of air pressure,
the QuietDoor-HTh requires no maintenance to maintain its R.F. Shielding Effectiveness performance.

Standard and custom sizes

The standard QuietDoor-HTh comes with a clear opening of 915mm (36”) x 2135mm (84”) with a 48” x 96” frame. 

Custom clear opening and frame dimensions, larger or smaller, are available.

Programmable Logic Control

Control of the QuietDoor-HTh is done using a programmable logic controller (PLC). The PLC allows each QuietDoor-HTh to be fine tuned to the specifications of each client and can be easily tied into facility security and emergency systems. 

Heavy Duty Construction

The QuietDoor-HTh was designed with strength and durability in mind.  The frame consists of a fully welded tubular steel frame mated with an R.F. Shielded Panel frame for easy integration into a Modular R.F. Shielded Enclosure System using our standard clamp-style framing system. The door leaf consists of a tubular steel frame supporting a steel channel housing our redundant bladder system and supporting the seamless door leaf skin. An all-aluminum outer access panel provides access to the system controls while giving a professional grade appearance. 

Hardware includes four hinges and four latching points. The latch points are designed with roller bearings to prevent the latches from jamming; a common occurrence in other bladder doors on the market. All fasteners are a minimum of grade 8 for exceptional strength.

Semi- and Full-Automation

The QuietDoor-HTh comes standard with a pneumatically-controlled user interface allowing the user to operate the door with the push of a button. From the closed position, the press of the operation button causes the bladder to quickly deflate and the latching cylinders to retract. The door can then be pulled/pushed open and the user can cross the threshold. The door will be swung closed automatically by a heavy-duty overhead hydraulic door closer, the door will latch automatically and the bladder system will re-inflate. 

Full door automation is available with the integrating of an overhead door operator designed to fully open and close the door thus reducing door operation to the push of a button.

Emergency Egress

The control system of the QuietDoor-HTh is designed to automatically retract the latching cylinders in the event of air pressure or power loss. The QuietDoor-HTh automatically reverts to semi- or full-automation mode with the return of air pressure and power. 

The control system can be overridden in the event of an emergency by pressing the Emergency Egress button, standard on all QuietDoor-HTh R.F. Shielded Doors.  Pressing the Emergency Egress button cuts the compressed air supply to the system causing the latching system to retract and allowing the door to be manually pulled/pushed open. The control system is easily set back into semi- or full-automation mode by pressing the Operation button to allow compressed air back into the system.

Secure Access

For secure facilities, a keypad, card swipe or any other electronically controlled access system can be integrated into the control system of the QuietDoor-HTh to limit the operation of the door to specific users. 

Two-year Limited Warranty

Our standard warranty covers parts and labour for two years. Extended warranties and preventative maintenance agreements are available.