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The Raymond EMC QuietDoor

The Raymond EMC QuietDoor is the most versatile and reliable recessed contact mechanism R.F. Shielded Door on the market.  The cost effective and low maintenance QuietDoor is the perfect R.F. Shielded Door solution for low- to medium-traffic EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosure Systems.

Key Features

Knife edge recessed contact mechanism

The R.F. Shielding Effectiveness of the QuietDoor is achieved by the mating between the brass knife edge extrusion of the door leaf and the concentric rows of beryllium copper fingerstock gasket mounted within the pocket extrusion on the door frame. As the QuietDoor is closed, the knife edge performs a sliding action with the two rows of forward mounted fingerstock creating two consistent electrical bonds around the entire perimeter of the door leaf and the mating frame.

The proprietary knife edge extrusion and forward mounted fingerstock of the QuietDoor results in the lowest insertion force of any RCM R.F. Shielded Door on the market while virtually eliminating fingerstock damage and reducing door maintenance.

Standard R.F. Shielding Effectiveness

QuietDoor Shielding Effectiveness Levels
Magnetic Fields: 20dB at 1kHz rising to 55dB at 10kHz and 95dB at 200kHz
Electric Fields: 100dB from 200kHz to 50MHz
Plane Waves: 110dB from 50MHz to 1GHz
Microwaves: 100dB at 10GHz
(Shielding Effectiveness Testing Standard: ITSG-02, IEEE Std 299-1997, NSA-65-6)

Low- to medium-traffic applications (<100,000 cycles/year)

Due to the unavoidable wear of the knife edge extrusion over time by the sliding action with the fingerstock, the QuietDoor is recommended for <100,000 cycle per year applications. (See our high traffic hinged or sliding R.F. Shielded Doors for high traffic applications)

Standard and Custom Sizes

The standard QuietDoor comes with a clear opening of 915mm (36”) x 2135mm (84”) with a 48” x 96” frame. 

Custom clear opening and frame dimensions, larger or smaller, are available.

Simple Operation

To open the QuietDoor, pull up on the aluminum handle found on either sides of the door leaf to activate the latch bar and cam follower assembly. The action between the cam followers and the cam block latching points will disengage the knife edge from the fingerstock gasket. Once the handle is in the fully-open position, each cam follower will be in line with the opening of its associated cam block and the QuietDoor can be easily pushed open allowing the user to cross the door threshold into or out of the shielded enclosure.

To close the QuietDoor, swing the door leaf closed.  Once the cam followers are engaged in the cam block latching points, push down on the handle to activate the latch bar and cam follower assembly.  The action between the cam followers and the cam block latching points will pull the door leaf tight to the door frame ensuring proper contact between the knife edge and the fingerstock gasket.

Semi- and Full-Automation

The QuietDoor can be easily upgraded to a semi of fully-automated system with the addition of our Pneumatic Automation System.

Low Maintenance

Door maintenance is the single most important step in maintaining the R.F. Shielding Effectiveness and operational characteristics of any R.F. Shielded Door. Raymond EMC has designed the QuietDoor to minimize maintenance and wear. All moving components of the door hardware are designed with factory-lubricated bearings to minimize wear while providing smooth action upon door operation and are maintenance-free throughout the life of the door. 

Each QuietDoor is accompanied with the Raymond EMC Operation and Maintenance Manual outlining the preventative maintenance steps recommended for maintaining the R.F. Shielding Effectiveness performance of the door.   

Raymond EMC also supplies a Maintenance Kit with each QuietDoor that will contain cleaning products and tools recommended in the accompanying QuietDoor Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Easy Installation

The frame of each QuietDoor is designed allow the door to be easily integrated into an R.F. Shielded Enclosure using our standard clap-style framing system.

Field Reversible Door Swing and Door Opening

The QuietDoor does not have a factory-set door swing. The QuietDoor is designed in a way that allows for easy door swing reversal from left to right or right to left. Door opening can also be easily changed from an out-swinging to an in-swinging and from an in-swinging to an out-swinging.  Both of these modifications can be accomplished, even once the door is at the installation site.  This is especially advantageous when sufficient physical details regarding the installation site are not readily available and a door swing must be assumed prior to shipping materials.

Available in low sill versions for compliance with ADA regulations

To comply with ADA regulations for wheel-chair access, Raymond EMC offers the QuietDoor with a low-sill reducing the height of the door threshold.

Two-year Limited Warranty

Our standard warranty covers parts and labour for two years. Extended warranties and preventative maintenance agreements are available.