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The Raymond EMC QuietStation

The Raymond EMC QuietStation is a turnkey, mobile shielded solution for workstations or servers offering all of the features and performance of a full-size walk-in R.F. Shielded Enclosure System. The compact size and standard leveling casters of the QuietStation make it the perfect shielding solution when mobility is required or where physical location is limited.

Key Features

Full Turnkey Solutions

The Raymond EMC QuietStation comes complete with all the amenities of a standard walk-in R.F. Shielded Enclosure including:

  • QuietDoor Knife Edge R.F. Shielded Door
  • 30A main load centre with three 115VAC 15A duplex receptacles
  • Active ventilation system including exhaust vent, air intake vent and 200 CFM fan system with switch
  • Dual bulb light fixture with switch
  • Pre-wired R.F. power line filter

Standard leveling casters allow the QuietStation to be rolled throughout a facility while the leveling pads provide stability while in use.

Full Line of Options

Clients can add a variety of options to the QuietStation to ensure the enclosure meets all of their requirements.

Factory Assembled and Certified

The QuietStation is fully assembled in our facility by our highly experienced team of Installation Specialists.  Once assembled, the QuietStation is factory certified at 1GHz with an R.F. Shielding Effectiveness test as per ITSG-02/IEEE-299.

Ships Fully Assembled

Each QuietStation ships fully assembled and, with the standard 6’ power cord and 15A plug, is literally plug and play once it arrives at the client facility. 

Standard R.F. Shielding Effectiveness

Magnetic Fields: 20dB at 1kHz rising to 55dB at 10kHz and 95dB at 200kHz
Electric Fields: 100dB from 200kHz to 50MHz
Plane Waves: 110dB from 50MHz to 1GHz
Microwaves: 100dB at 10GHz
(Shielding Effectiveness Testing Standard: ITSG-02, IEEE Std 299-1997, NSA-65-6)

Complies with Industry Standards

Our Modular R.F. Shielded Enclosure System conforms to the following industry standards:

Method of Attenuation Measurements for Enclosures, Electromagnetic Shielding, For Electronic Test Purposes. 1956

Standard Method for Measuring the Effectiveness of Electromagnetic Shielded Enclosures. 1997-12-09

Criteria for the Design, Fabrication, Supply, and Installation and Acceptance Testing of Walk-In, Radio-Frequency-Shielded Enclosures. 1999

Two-year Limited Warranty

All Raymond EMC QuietStations come with a two-year limited warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship and to retain the specified RF shielding effectiveness.


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